Elephants: love them, respect them, please help them

A growing human population has called for increasing economic and social development in Thailand, creating numerous environmental problems. With no ill intention, man has put the continued survival of wildlife underthreat. One of the animals which has been greatly effected by this threat is the elephant, not only the world's largest land mammal but one which has played a large part in man's history throughout Asia. A hundred years ago there were as many as 100,000 elephants in Thailand but a decline in population has taken place at a shocking rate, leaving only about 5,000 elephants whose futures are in doubt. Until now there has been no organization devoted exclusively to helping elephants integrate into modern Thai life by promoting awareness and soliciting assistance from people throughout the country.
From its founding in 1990 to the present, the Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand has been compiling data on elephants in order to give direction to solving problems by creation the following projects: registering elephants in general database and creation an adopt-an-elephant programme. Through this programme, the Asian Elephant Foundation co-ordinates the health care of 145 elephants. Despite such efforts, however, there are thousands more elephants who aren't receiving attention. Furthermore, the welfare from this fund only addresses the problems of health care. As for proper nutrition, accident prevention, employment (like humans, tame elephants need to be productively occupied for good mental health) and encroachment of habitat (in the case of wild elephants), such problems remain to be addressed.
The Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand, therefore, will be working on many projects to help integrate elephants into modern Thai life, fulfilling the directives of the organization, whether it is through supporting an elephant shelter, an elephant employment agency, a division for capturing will elephants in mating season (when they can be dangerous), a division for mobile veterinarians or more. In addition there is the continued administration of the foundation which the workers and funds. Indeed, Thai elephants will not be out of danger until people recognize the need to help them co-exist with humans. Therefore the Asian
Elephant Foundation of Thailand would like to invite everyone to contribute to this work before elephants become extinct in Thailand. Anyone can help whether it is by informing us about elephants in trouble or by boycotting trades which endanger elephants. Contributions may be made in the form of money, equipment of time.


1. Through research and proper organization, the Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand will supplement and support various official, educational, private and public bodies in their efforts to assist in the efficient and fareaching preservation of wild elephants both in Thailand and beyond.
2. The Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand will improve the general quality of life for captive elephants by creating an environment conducive to good physical and mental health.
3. The foundation will supplement and support coexistence between humans and elephants living in both captivity and the wild.
4. The foundation will act as a database and centre for documents and reference materials involving Asian elephants. This is in order to promote a proper understanding of elephants and to encourage an exchange of information and dissemination of knowledge to the public which will arouse consciousness and goodwill.
5. The foundation will supplement services and welfare assistance to people whose livelihoods involve elephants by working to preserve traditions and trades which rely culturally and professionally on working with elephants.
6. The foundation will impartially raise funds from individuals and organizations or institutions which are interested in helping elephants. It will also proceed in distributing these funds to various projects for the greatest benefit to elephants and will ensure that these funds are spent according to the patrons' wishes.
7. The foundation will act as a centre for studies and research in order to arrange and transfer technology to facilitate the conservation and management of elephants in Thailand and beyond.


1.    AEFT is non profit organization.
2.    AEFT will not involve in any political activities.
3.    All Contributions must be spent for the benefit of elephants.
4.    Any decision making concerning to elephants as well as their management must be based on scientific approach.
5.    Both domestic and wild elephant issues are equally concerned by AEFT.
6.    Convincing Thai peoples to accept and increase their awareness that elephant's problems are responsibled by every Thai citizens. They have to share their resources in order to conserve elephants in Thailand.
7.    AEFT will collaborate with other organizations which have common interest in elephants.

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